A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Preview

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  • 影评人


  • xiami335

    The storyline looks very fresh and provocative. I think it’s every woman’s fantasy to elope with a much younger man someday. The only problem is that married women must learn to suppress this fantasy.

  • lala

    Christopher Lee!!
    he’s really good in his acting skills.. so is the actress..
    damn!! I’m sure to catch this show!! hope it wont drag tats all.. ^^

  • pearl

    Temptation…. by Tyler Perry..

  • observer

    movie – Unfaithful by Richard Gere

  • 天心的演技真的很好

  • Hales Chen

    OMG…I can’t wait, I’ve always loved the guy she cheated on her husband with ;p

  • 沒救了

    完全在抄襲 anna karenina阿
    wtf 台灣電視劇真的沒救了!

    • FUCK

      哪有抄襲? 那電影有演婆媳問題嗎~ 有演流產嗎?? 根本就是不一樣的故事不要看到人妻看上別人就說人抄襲~這差很多好嗎?  電影一部多少時間~偶像劇一部要演多久~兩個完全不相干的故事你說抄襲~比那電影有深度了好嗎????你是眼睛脫窗阿?

      • hello弱智

        喔是噢 你有看過那部電影媽?


        • 路人


          • 路人2

            你还没看就说是爛劇 更可悲

          • 路人3

            你用簡體字就知道你可悲了 死大陸人
            不用說美國電影了, 台灣片都看不懂吧你

          • 路人


    • 影评人

      哪里有抄袭?这是女性争取权利的,anna karenina 根本不谈女性权利,只是男人战争下,女人不的不接受发生在她们深上的事,完全没有想要自己努力改变 。 你真是无知的无救了。

  • ^_^


  • Yin

    Christopher Lee!! Omg I’m gonna watch this drama! But can someone tell me what the heck is he doing in this drama!?? ^_^

  • Guest000

    Who is the main lead Christopher Lee or the other guy?

  • Ur friend

    What is Christopher lee doing in this show tsktsk

  • Meh Meh

    Christopher lee? I was so shocked he is in this show

    • Hjjhjh

      Yeah, Taiwan news has talked about it on and off, saying how his performance in this drama has impressed the production staff and director.

      But I feel this drama is trying to do the whole “The Fierce Wife” thing all over again, just this time with the wife falling in love with another person, as opposed to the husband.

      • Meh Meh

        oh thx for the info.