A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 11

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  • miriamrp

    if there should be someone to file a divorce,it should be none other than the mother-in-law. with a dour-faced husband who is good at berating her,she should have left him long ago. but i think duty and responsibilty to her family take precedence over her unhappiness(i am sure she is very miser2able)haowen is already quite an angel compared to his father and he loves his wife very much.cant yizhen feel it?

    • Sarah

      Agree. in fact, the person I have the most respect for in this drama is the mother-in-law. People think she’s a monster but she is the one that has truly suffered and is truly making sacrifices for the good of her family. Everything she does, is for her family to live harmoniously.

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  • Guest007

    My point is of view is totally different from majority of the viewers. I think the total selfish one here is 宜臻. What Shao Wen did was base on good purpose of 宜臻. If a husband is not loving, he won’t try his best to protect the woman in many way. His dad is so bossy but he is willing to move out of the house just for 宜臻’s sake. and all she has to do is wear what the mom gave and go hav dinner once a week. Don’t forgot that marry is not for you only, once you decided to get marry, the husband family is your family too. she kept claiming that the husband can’t understand her but she doesn’t try to understand the husband and the family. Marriage needs scarify from both side. And don’t also forget the tradition, I know some are gonna say “fuck tradition, its stupid” but I don’t think tradition can never be omitted, because we live with it.

    • miriamrp

      i agree with you. the husband has given up so much….moving out,and he is the only son(know how unconventionally un-chinese this is). when shetook the marriage vows, didnt she know what kind of family she is marrying into? she has to adjust,adapt and observe proper decorum as mrs.shaowen

      • bird

        宜臻 is a dirty , stupid women, selfish women.

  • xiami335


  • xiami335

    I’m a firm believer of the idea that a mother’s connection to her daughter will ALWAYS surpass that between the father and the daughter. Like an invisible red string, a daughter’s cries will follow mom wherever she goes in life, even after death.

  • xiami335


  • xiami335


    • miriamrp

      i am a parent and every parent doesnt want a broken marriage for the kids. we want them to salvage their relationship and resolve their differences. every couple has problems, and they should work it out.

  • LoveLifeLoveCat

    If a guy can’t even support you when you need him, i really don’t see the relationship continuing on, love is not a one way street~ Shao Wen is too damn selfish!

  • Get out while you can

    Sean hands dawn all the way! No competition here! 我不是鼓勵外遇或離婚但這個老公太差勁太自以為是。。。很另人受不了。。。更不用提到他家人

  • random

    why is the guy vincent and then frank? haha

  • wtss


  • wtss


  • Someone

    Awwww, what a great story line. Fall in love with this drama once I watched the first episode. Great work from the actor(s) and the actress(es) in this drama! Not forgetting, the director and the script writer! It has been so long since I am attach to Taiwan drama! I can’t wait to know the ending for this drama!! 🙂

    • miriamrp

      the taiwanese make good family dramas. dramas that reflect the realities in life, no convoluted twist and exaggerated plots, that’s why one can easily get into it. i happen to like the drama “the fierce wife”too.(the title is not apt.actually,the wife is not fierce atall but rather benign).

  • whine

    not only席曼寧 but also Shao Wen (Li Ming Shun) …esp when he confronted YZ’s affair and how he interpreted the hurt at love triangle…

  • 席曼寧 is amaing

    席曼寧 is one of the best actress in the contemporary era!!!

    • x

      and absolutely gorgeous too!

  • 该离。同情不是爱。

  • whine

    guess YZ will get back to her hubby when she finds out that he refinanced $40M to make her dream come true, fell into a scam to lose all he has….honestly, she is the one who said “I did” when he proposed to him….somehow, she is kinda hesitate to go back and forth into her marriage…maybe being a housewife and miscarriage twice made her lose self-esteemed….But she shouldn’t regret from her decision of marrying a rich guy….and whining for what she’s having.

    • whine

      oops when he proposed to *her

  • asdf

    tbh this drama really just started off in a good point. However the script writer really needs to find a good ending to this. If Yi Zhen really does like not choose both guys then obviously it would be pretty selfish. If she chooses the new guy then again that would be selfish but to only the family becuz she chases after what she wants. And at this point its pretty obv she wont go back. So I’m pretty sure its gonna end no matter what resulting as yi zhen being a pretty bad person. She needs to handle both sides well or else she really tbh is just a selfish idiot.

  • Lynn6

    Sean is such a wonderful guy .. he is there for Yi Zhen all the time. Ha ha .. even Shao Wen’s mum was impressed. Shao Wen … it is not just what you want to give her or think what she needs but consider what she wants and enjoy doing.

    • Elwin

      Yes.i totally agreed..and i think he will realise tat later..hope tis drama will have a good ending wif Yi Zhen going back to Shao Wen.he truely loves

    • miriamrp

      if every wife only thinks of her own happiness, then there will be no family and no marriage.that’s why the marriage vows state,
      “for better or for worse,till death do you part,”one gets out of a
      marriage if the husband is abusing her and her life is being threatened and if the husband is a chronic philanderer and womanizer.

    • S

      The double standard that exists in society is really sad. If this was a story with a female as the third party, that character would be slut-shamed to death regardless of whether she was sincere towards the man or not. Yet here we are praising Sean…

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  • ashlll