A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 10

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  • miriamrp

    know what, the wife was playing with fire. she shouldnt have gotten so close with a man. doesnt she know being so close brings temptation?
    even if she hasnt had any physical relations with the guy,she already committed adultery in her heart. so far,up to epusode 9, i didnt see the husband being unfaithful to her. if he had a fling,that occurred before marriage( that i know of). in the first few episodes, she is the wife who supports the husband and because of some suspicion, she suddenly turns her back to the husband. i think, this is too drastic.
    she decides to cut off ties with the guy, yet she contradicts herself by agreeing to see him again(under the pretext of seeing the dog one last time)and keeping a souvenir from him.
    what wife or husband doesnt get bored after years of marriage? is that a reason to start a fling or an affair? i anticipate how this series ends.

  • 天田


  • xiami335


  • xiami335

    绍文说:"你这辈子只能跟我在一起!!" 这句话好恐怖哦,男人掌控欲这么强真的好可怕。

  • xiami335

    这句话:"认识你让我觉得很痛苦,很后悔,因为我会忍不住去想,为什么我不是最先认识你的人?” 真的打动了我的寒冷的心。。。我想哪个女孩听到这句告白一定会落泪吧。

  • wtss


  • Potato

    韩湘棋真是一个马屁精!!!整天只会拍绍文妈妈马屁!讨厌鬼!hate it


    great story with outstanding performance

  • gwen

    sorry but I question Lucky’s owner’s care. I would question more than just believe that he is the owner and if he loves the dog at all to have lost him in the first place.

  • Minijessila

    Xiang chi is nothing compared to the bitch on lanling wong!

  • S

    A very splendid performance from most of the actors and actresses. I sympathise Shao Wen as he is truly still so in love with Yi Zhen, but it comes across to me that the issue is with his family and their suffocating expectations. While love is about two people, marriage is about two families. A lot has to change for them to repair this marriage.

  • jiji

    great story and excellent actor & Actress that able to bring each character.

  • Lynn6

    Even if it is not right … this is an emotional episode, difficult all round for Sean, Ye Zhen and Shao Wen. Does Xiang Chi likes Shao Wen or merely adding more wood to the fire, maybe she is taking revenge over what she lost in Sean! If she loves Sean, she should pursue instead of running away from him and marriage.