A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 09

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  • S

    Honestly, I feel for the mother-in-law. She might be overbearing and meddlesome in Yizhen’s affairs but you can see that ultimately all she wants is for her family to live happily in harmony. Just think, her husband is unreasonable, uncaring and treats her so much worse than how Shaowen treats Yizhen. I recall one of the earlier episodes where she ponders about what Yizhen says about losing all freedom when marrying into the Li family (and then her husband barges in and berates her). I’m sure she feels it too, it’s just that she’s more willing to sacrifice and do her duty. I think Xiangqi is probably the only person that has ever been so friendly and open to her and that’s probably why she’s drawn to Xiangqi (even though Xiangqi might have more ambitious motives underneath and is not completely sincere in her kindness). Look how happy and surprised she was when Xiangqi hugged her.

    Now talking about Xiangqi, taking the job behind her co-workers back by currying favour with Shaowen’s mother is really quite dirty, however, I have to say that this show has established that it is very hard for a woman to succeed in this industry and the man that initially decided to choose Peter’s design was extremely chauvinistic and looked down on her for being female (e.g. 小妹妹,only communicating with/inviting Peter along). If you take what’s happening on screen at face value, yeah, I guess she just comes off as ruthless and scheming, but on the other hand, the majority of people in this industry do not allow for an equal playing field between males and females anyways.

    I’m not certain as to the impression most people have on Yizhen’s character but my goodness, if I have to say anything at all, I think she should at least try to be more energetic and sincere around her in-laws. She always has that foolish blank face on whenever her in-laws talk to her, even I find myself getting annoyed. It’s just plain rude.

  • MM

    so funny, once the crisis is over for the husband, he is turning back the old way!!

    • NN

      agree, men is always like that. once he pacifies the wife, starts to revert to his old ways. Leopard will never change its spots. Nothing can change the core nature of a person.

  • xiami335

    Good thing YiZhen has Shaofen on her side lol, I’d love to hate on 韓湘琪 too, she is a fake bitch.

  • xiami335

    Shit if i had a co-worker like 韓湘琪, I’d be pretty damn pissed. She looks like the type to walk all over people at work to get to the top. A social climber. She probably has some sociopathic tendencies lol. She does not know what it means to be a team player…

    • miriamrp

      because she thinks her designs are better than anyone else’s. granted that that were true, she should have waited for another opportunity to arise to show off her talents.she has lots of time to do that since she is just a newbie. she’s a little unethical and she doesnt know it that she has stepped out of bounds at the expense of peter.

  • xiami335

    韓湘琪 is very ambitious, never losing sight of her own career goals and using ANY means to achieve her ends. But what I don’t understand is why Shao Wen’s mom wants to help her out with that case/client anyway? What does she get out of helping 韓湘琪? It’s not 韓湘琪 is her daughter in law anyway…

    • miriamrp

      maybe she saw some potentials in her as an architect who can infuse modern ideas, and she was entertained well by xiang qi when others dared not.

  • xiami335

    I like Joyce, finally someone who believes that two people should not stay in a marriage just for the sake of it, especially when both parties have already stopped loving each other. 一直忍耐也不会让你的婚姻起死回生地。。。赞!

  • Potato

    Hate Han Xiang Qi. Ever since she was in “粉爱粉爱你”. 对她一点好感也没有!!

  • claudia

    我覺得宜臻臻的很沒用 夫妻要再一起一輩子 有什麼問題可以溝通 紹文是個好老公我覺得.

    • 007


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  • guest

    i start liking shao wen’s sis. :X anyway, i hate you 韓湘琪

  • a name? nahh

    韓湘琪, you this bitch !!! gtfo please !

  • GG


  • haha

    i wanna kill that bitch 韓湘琪

  • KK


    • Xenia


  • allison

    韓湘琪 is such a bitch

  • linlin


  • guest

    她為了工作連他男友都拋棄~ 在工作上當然要力求表現~還有她男友好像喜歡別人妻子~她當然不爽~比起女主角的公婆~ 我覺的女配角還好吧~到最後會離婚還不都是家庭原因~

    • guest

      煎個不完美的蛋就不吃~襯衫當不好要重燙~你當你老婆是狗阿~還有那樣的公公婆婆連穿個衣服找個工作都要管~ 女配角那個只不過是插花來的~真是嫁錯人~這樣的婚姻遲早要離~ 跟女配角一點關係也沒有~ 婚姻早就出問題了~

      • miriamrp

        he’s such a perfectionist, but she should communicate with her husband if those things irritate her. it’s not as if she only knows of her husband’s eccentricities in a day, given she has been married for years. these are no excusee not to love the husband anymore.the 2 excuses to give up the marriage is cheating and physical abuse,others are forgivable.marriage is a committment.

    • Guest

      真的 尤其在大環境中女配角只是去極力爭取自己的成就 懂得用關係本就沒什麼錯 錯只錯在老闆妻子有很大可能是介入自感情的人 人遇到那種狀況不管誰都很難心完全沒疙瘩的去對老闆妻子吧

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  • haha

    sean’s girlfriend is a bitch!

  • Nancy

    感觉sean得女朋友那么恶心呢!!!!!! 烦死她了