A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 08

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  • 加油好嗎

    韓湘琪 是白吃吧

  • 芬泥


  • sandy


  • Dramalover

    That Han Xiang Qi is annoying, she has bad motive by telling things to Shao Wen. Who the hell she think she is to ignore the client demand? I hope she get fire from the company and out of the show.

  • xiami335

    Never thought I’d say this, but having a stalker husband is SCARY as fuck.

  • xiami335


  • elaine

    在愛上另一個人之後 還不跟另一半分手就是不對

    • miriamrp

      you are not true to your marriage vows if you see another man other than your husband before divorce.

  • 99

    凡士林 置入性行銷XD

  • ccl

    product placement in this drama is awkwardly obvious! i wonder how much money they have received from vaseline!

    • ldk


  • Lynn6

    yes, getting interesting … Shao Wen is really trying very hard to get back with Yi Zhen but her facial expressions tell us that she is unsure … trust once broken is very hard to repair!
    I also don’t understand why Xiang Qi uses Yi Zhen as an excuse for her relationship with Sean when she is not ready for full commitment herself.

  • claudia

    我個人是覺得有點扯 怎麼被跟蹤了一天還沒發現阿== 不過這部戲是蠻好看的啦!

  • sunset1215

    Woots!! Another great episode this week! This might become the drama of the year! ^^

    I’m starting to hate Han Xiang Qi though. What’s her motive for telling Shao Wen about Yi Zhen being the 3rd party to her relationship with Sean? That’s not really true. Also, I don’t like her collaborating with Shao Wen’s mother.

    • stacey

      I think she likes Shao Wen, and wants to break their marriage apart. She kept tell Shao Wen at the beginning that she really admire him and hint that to him a lot.

      • sunset1215

        But does she really like him? Xiang Qi is putting all her focus on her work now. She has strong ideals and beliefs, but the results of the case she handled really frustrated her. I’m more inclined to think that she’s trying to use Shao Wen to get recognition for her work.

        • stacey

          Yes, that too. Xiang Qi had mentioned to Yi Mei Jei during a night of overtime at work that she wants a man that helps her in the workforce in Ep 7, part 1, 14:01.

  • linlin