A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 06

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  • 玛雅


  • asdwqe

    難看死了 為啥女生都愛看這種蝦東西勒??

    • guest

      are you fucking kidding me…

  • topo


  • MM

    I think it is just a wrong fitted marriage, she cannot fit in his family and that is the root of the problem from the beginning. The husband loves her but the love is not strong enough for her to keep going. Also, I think the wife and the bookstore owner meet each other when both of them are in need of caring and attention…..its a wrong time for the husband and a right time for the bookstore owner.

    • miriamrp

      why does it seem to me she is like having an affair too with the book store owner? or maybe she doesnt yet know that she sort like is encouraging a new affair? by always going to the bookstore when she is unhappy.2 lonely man and woman together alone is dangerous.

  • neokiem

    天心演技越來越受不了 眼神呆滯 動作遲緩 有心事的人也不是長這樣

  • Sadforshaowen

    I think the wife is just getting bored of her life now, after she leaves her husband she will regret it I’m pretty sure

  • xiami335


    • miriamrp

      i agree. i empathize with the husband. she should make a go of her marriage and not let 1 mistake obstructs her happiness.

  • xiami335


  • Rosa

    看頭的狗狗實在是太bug了 哪有那麼可愛的眼神拉><

  • loiuis

    is the xiang qi wearing a wig? her hair looks so fake…

  • lonnie

    who sing the song in the begining part of ep?

    • bb


    • San

      you meant the theme song? CoCo Lee 李玟 能不能

    • San

      Its 双人舞 by CoCo Lee when the beginning of the ep and i mistaken as the theme song which you asked..

    • Sammi

      Anyone knows who sings the other song?

  • Yun

    開始覺得 宜蓁幻想sean的時候有點惡。。

  • QQ

    怎麼啦? 太意外啦?
    這是想嚇死誰啊= =………………

  • gg

    anna karenina 那部片拍的那麼肉欲跟女主角跟男主角跳了一場舞就上床了~那裡像這偶像劇拍的那麼寫實有劇情~ 況且電影一場幾分鐘頂多一個小時~偶像劇要拍多久?? 說抄襲的你它媽的去吃屎吧你~

  • gg

    在這部片PREVIEW 的留言中有網友批評這部片是抄襲完全在抄襲 anna karenina這電影還說台灣電視圈沒救了~ 請這邊的大家評評理那裡是抄襲~???

  • Kidz

    ….hun.. i really think… Sean’s gf is so ugly – -“

  • gwen

    Start to get tired of her hairstyle; the sideway ponytail. boring.

    • mc

      Well her character is portraying a boring, conservative married woman which makes her hair style quite fitting — maybe it’ll change later once things get more heated up.