A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 01

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Paradise Kiss

    Shit! This drama,I can’t continue watch it,at all because that’s stupid oldies minded/narrow minded .. Honestly by heart,his wife is so pity.. I hate those parents who are looking after their son than their daughter because they are gender different. His family is selfish and arrogant. I’m so piss off.

  • Cammie

    Happy to see 铭顺 acting in a Taiwan drama ^^ Proud Singaporean here, hehe.

  • LoveLifeLoveCat

    不錯的。 剛開始看就不覺得膩。 有我喜歡的演員~ 大加分!^_^ 希望繼續好看下去!

  • lolzsdfr

    so sad:( miscarriage twice.. poor things, maybe it’s fated, but the husband should show more understanding and comfort the wife…

    • Judy Chao

      i think the storyline probably did it on purpose so she could fall in love with darren lol its so easy to figure out hahaha

  • ldr

    the shop owner look like vanness:))

  • asb

    my dog is called Lucky, too. But he is in the hospital now ><

  • Carolyn Chen


  • 陳靖宜

    孟克槐欸 哈哈哈

  • Sg

    Love Ming shun !!!

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  • wowsheispretty

    天心好美呀 皮膚怎麼可以這麼好?

  • Annabelle


  • Corina Tseng

    要開始鎖定每周五台視10點 親愛的,我愛上別人了

  • lu


  • xiami335


  • xiami335


  • xiami335

    Damn, that middle-aged architect can ride a bike like a PRO! wtf, CGI or stunt double?

  • Minijessila

    小八到處都在吔! 高曝光率!

  • Tony


  • oops

    put a dog tag on that dog!! Stupid humans!

  • aaa

    AMAZING. 很棒的戏剧!天心加油!铭顺加油!

  • SSS


  • JL

    太太太好看了, 自從犀利人妻, 再也沒有像這樣好看的戯了!!!

  • oops

    she sleeps with makeup and eyeliner on… lol

    • eng


    • rainbowdelight


  • Lynn6

    Not everyone will like such a story line but important thing is the first episode is interesting enough to hold my attention; will follow this drama.

  • Jill

    it feels more like watching a movie, like!

    • ken

      cuz its the same as anna karenina

  • Watermelon

    好看,^_^ finally it’s something different!

  • 紹文怎麼看都不像38吧………

    • YSL


      so he’s turning 42